Pinch of Ann

Hi, my name is Ann and I’m the creator behind Pinch of Clay.

I grew up in Seoul, Korea where my favorite toys were play-dough, Legos, and stuffed animals. I've always loved crafting and getting my hands dirty. My parents loved my creations so much that one day my dad bought me a type of clay that turns into an eraser when boiled in water. I made little fruits, worms eating fruit and cute things as custom erasers. He was so proud he brought them to his office to show his coworkers. They bought them all and gave the proceeds to me. I was excited for what it put in my pocket, but what I didn’t realize until later was the spark it lit inside me.

In my teens I became obsessed with fashion. I graduated from clay to cloth and started making my own clothing. I went on to study fashion design and started a career designing children's wear prior to moving to the United States. My reunion with clay started in 2017, when I started pottery classes at a sculpture studio in Queens. I didn’t take to wheel-spinning, but quickly fell in love with hand-building. My primary techniques have become pinching and slab-building. I can push the clay in any direction I want, in any size or form, which makes me feel free and limitless. My hope is that my works will bring you and your loved-ones a pinch of the joy I get from making them.

Please contact me for more information about any of the products or for custom commissions.