Cherished Autumn Tumbler

Cherished Autumn Tumbler


 This brand-new tumbler is full of autumn charm, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. You might be wondering why I picked these motifs to paint, so here’s a pinch about each one.

1. Magpie

    For a long time, magpies were considered a lucky charm. They bring you good news. If magpies chirp at your window, you can expect a welcomed guest in the near future. I don't necessarily believe it, but I can't help feeling delighted when I spot a magpie.

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    2. Date Tree Branches

      I grew up in a small town in Seoul, where there were date trees on every corner. Growing up, we were never allowed to take all the fruits from a tree in the fall. We always had to leave some for birds and animals to eat throughout the winter. Those fruits left on the trees were called "magpie meals" 까치밥 [Kka-chi-bap]. I think it is important to remember how much nature gives us and be mindful of how much we take from her.

      3. Oak Leaves and Acorns

        The autumn in Seoul’s Buk Han Mountain was magnificent and full of charm - watching deciduous trees changing their clothes, stepping on crispy oak leaves that sound like cereals and collecting acorns on the ground... If you haven't experienced autumn in Korea, I dare say you are missing out. My grandma was a devout Buddhist who regularly visited the temple on Buk Han Mountain. Sometimes I followed her, even though I went to church on Sundays. We would collect acorns on our way home, and she would grind them in a millstone to make acorn jelly. It is one of my most precious memories of my childhood.


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